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A football hope

Ever since Asher’s parents signed him up to children’s football training under the Jockey Club Community Football for Hope project, Asher has looked forward to taking to the pitch every week …

Healthy Community

A fitness space for the homeless

For years, Eppie had been suffering from chronic back pain. That began to change recently after she took up sports in a big way ...

Healthy Community

Healthy vision: Kids say goodbye to thick lenses

A few months into the pandemic, Lee Lok Yin, 8, said his eyes began to feel constantly tired, to the point that he would sometimes get dizzy...

Healthy Community

Keeping the tooth fairy away

“What is there to be scared of? I love seeing those young dentists. I can’t wait for my next dental check-up,” exclaimed Adeeva Chan ...

Healthy Community

Jumping in at the deep end: Water fun for SEN children

For many, swimming relaxes the body and mind. However, for children with special educational needs, taking a dip in the pool can be a major challenge ...