Pandemic Relief

Peace of mind in a sub-divided flat

Jenny, a single mother, lives with her two teenage sons in a 70-square-foot sub-divided flat. She mainly relies on social welfare to make ends meet. However, the pandemic has put the household under increased strain...

Pandemic Relief

Warmth in the pocket

As the pandemic wore on many elderly people urgently needed to get their own smartphones. Elderly people who don’t own a smartphone find it hard to keep up with their daily routines and social life…

Pandemic Relief

New challenges for teachers

The prolonged pandemic has reshaped education, with students and teachers having to adapt to online learning. In the past two years, teachers have had to overcome one teaching challenge after another…

Pandemic Relief

Home medicine delivery

As the pandemic strains the healthcare system, it has also brought a lot of anxiety to chronically ill patients who have to make regular hospital appointments…

Pandemic Relief

Three meals free of worries

The pandemic has taken a toll on the economy, with people from all walks of life feeling the strain. Many people have become jobless or under-employed, with low-income families in particular struggling to make ends meet…