FWD QEII Cup – Post-race jockey quotes

30/04/2023 18:35

1st: ROMANTIC WARRIOR - James McDonald
“These Hong Kong horses are flying and it’s great to be on them. There was not one part of the race where I didn’t feel he was right and he was always going to explode at the end and the race panned out beautifully.”

2nd: PROGNOSIS - Zac Purton
“It was an excellent run and they just went too slow for him and he took a bit of time to build into it straightening but he went to the line really strong. I think if they bring him back in December for the Vase, I think he will be better suited.”

3rd: DUBAI HONOUR - Tom Marquand
“He has run a super race. He just got lent on for a few strides around the top end. As we always thought, he prefers to get his toe into the ground.”

4th: MONEY CATCHER - Silvestre de Sousa
They don’t go very fast to the 1400m. The horse likes to run at a fast pace. And I tried to build on his momentum and he just ran a competitive race.

5th: DANON THE KID - Vincent Ho
“The pace was too slow. He stayed on but the pace was too slow.”

6th: GERALDINA - Cristian Demuro
“She was too excited before the race and she had no positive reaction after. She did not feel the same as she has before.”

7th: TOURBILLON DIAMOND - Alexis Badel
“Just not good enough today.”

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