3 Easy Steps to Bet
Step 1 - Choose Target Odds
  • Unit Bet: HK$10 or its multiple
  • Maximum Unit Stake per Bet: HK$50,000
  • No All Up and Banker Bets
  • No Rebate
Participating trainers are subject to the final announcement of the Club
Step 2 - Place Bet with Ease
A. Ticket Filling and Validation
Select “TNC”
Fill out TNC Item No.“1”#
Fill out Selection No.“8”(D J Whyte)
Fill out Unit Bet HK$100
#Please refer to the latest “TNC Item No.” and “Selection No.” before filling out the ticket
TNC Item No. Unit Bet
Race Meeting Date Total Bet Amount
Selection Date of Bet Accepted
Odds Time of Bet Accepted
B. Classic 3-in-1
Click “Bet Types”
Click “Trainer Challenge 1”#

#Please refer to the latest “TNC Item No.”

Select No.“8”(D J Whyte)
Choose Unit Bet HK$100
Click “Add to Slip”
Check all betting details and click “Send”

For illustration purposes only

Trainer Challenge betting is also available via other Digital Channels including Online Betting Service (eWin) and Racing Touch App. Please visit our website at www.hkjcracing.com for details.

Step 3 - Dividend Calculation

Example: No."8" (D J Whyte) wins Trainer Challenge. Based on the unit bet and odds mentioned above, dividend calculation will be as follows:

If the trainer with the highest total Trainer Challenge Points in a Trainer Challenge is one of those included in No. 21, all bets on No. 21 will be eligible for a dividend.

*Odds fluctuate from time to time. Dividend will be calculated based on the odds at the time the bet is accepted
Maximum dividend for a unit bet is HK$1,000,000