Special Scenarios
Jockey Withdrawal
I. Withdrawal after participating in a race
  • If any jockey withdraws after actually riding one or more of his Scheduled Rides (which has not become a Void Race or Non-Runner), all bets on that jockey in the relevant Jockey Challenge will stand, notwithstanding either the jockey is suspended from riding any subsequent race or the jockey is substituted for whatever reason in any subsequent race.
II. Withdrawal before participating in any race on the Jockey’s Scheduled Rides
  • If any jockey from No. 1 to 13 withdraws before actually riding his Scheduled Rides, refund will be made subject to the odds of that jockey at the time the withdrawal is announced:

    Withdrawal of ONE jockey from No. 1 to 13
  • If any of the jockeys grouped under No. 14 withdraws, all Jockey Challenge Bets on No. 14 in that Jockey Challenge will stand.
Dead-heat Cases
I. Dead-heat in a race
  • Dead-heat involving two 1st place horses:
  • Dead-heat involving two 2nd place horses:
  • Dead-heat involving three 3rd place horses:

* Jockeys riding the first three placed horses on their Non-Scheduled Rides are not eligible for any Jockey Challenge Points in that race

II. Dead-heat in a Jockey Challenge
Calculation of points from the 1st place

If two or more jockeys accumulate the same highest points in a Jockey Challenge, the jockey who scores the most points from 1st place will be the Jockey Challenge winner. If the points from the 1st place are the same for these jockeys, the points from the 2nd place will be compared, and so forth to the 3rd place*. If the points from the 3rd place among the jockeys are the same again, the value of 4th place will be compared.

* Place ridden by Substitute Jockeys will not count

Calculation of 4th horses’ value

In determining the calculation value of 4th horses, two outright 4th horses will have twice the calculation value of one outright 4th horse, and one outright 4th horse will have twice the calculation value of one dead-heat 4th horse.

Dividend distribution for dead-heat

If a winner cannot be determined down to the 4th place, the dividend payout will be divided by the number of winning jockeys and paid according to the proportions of the unit bet and odds of each winning bet.


If there are two winners, the dividend will be calculated as follows:

Jockey A
Jockey B
Void Race

In the event that a nominated race becomes a Void Race, all Jockey Challenge Bets placed relating to that Jockey Challenge will stand and be unaffected. Void Race will not be counted in Jockey Challenge.

Void Jockey Challenge

In the event that “JKC1” becomes void, “JKC2” may be an option, and so on through the numbering order.